Maps for the Newfoundland Traveller

The island of Newfoundland is larger than the entire U.K. Planning a trip is difficult. These maps make great tools. The Eastern Newfoundland MapGuide was created through a collaborative process with the local people of eastern Newfoundland and the National Geographic Society to highlight the natural, historic, and cultural assets unique to the area.  

"Three Days in St. John's" is a unique "Insider's Guide" to experiencing St. John's that has colourful residents of the city marked as points of interest. The map draws you into the local community in ways you'll never imagine, detailing one-of-a-kind places integral to a distinctive character of place. We call it "People POI". It has a marked route that takes you through the main streets, the back streets and the coastal trails of the city. If your boots hit the ground on the marked route over 2-3 days you will have seen the entire city the way it needs to be seen. Special people, special shops, dramatic coastal trails and of course, great pubs.